My name is Otto van Duijn. I'am 19 years old. My pasion for photography began at age 8. I got a compact camera from cannon, i was mostly photographing nature and those typical vacation photographs. After a while my mother decided to buy a new camera so i got her old Pentax dslr, so i could up my game to a new photographic level. About 3 years ago i started taken photography more serious and started taking pictures of people besides the standard nature photographs. 2,5 years ago i bought my first Fujifilm camera a XT10 by which is started shooting more regularly. For my application to Willem de Koning academy i designed some t-shirts with illustrator and let my friends model for me, the photographs can be seen on my website named ''Mammilian Warios''. My backup plan was the ''Applied photography and Image creation'' at the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam. which is my current study.