This collection of images depicts an average scene in a young photographers life named Otto van Duijn. 

The pictures provides an insight into the world of uncontrollable youth of today. These memories and events are a little glims into their world. 
These events can be seen as an escape from reality for most of the youth, a happy place where they can go to and forget all the problems which they face in the process of becoming proper adults. These moments form a release for the accumulating stress, pressure and failure from becoming an adult. In these moments they can release them all, and behave like children with a mental age much lower than their physical age.
The reason for producing such images is to give adults a little understanding  into the world of the youth of today. And the motivation behind the actions that they have made. 
The title became because of the following. The youth of today don’t think about tomorrow when they are in their happy place with their friends and acquaintances. Therefore the title is an ironic one, The youth of today is the Youth of tomorrow but they don’t acknowledge that fact. They only live in moments of the present.
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